From the high-rise apartments of St Crispin’s Court to the Grade II listed Clerkson’s Hall, PPM can offer customized property management in Mansfield and the surrounding areas that works for you. With properties located in Berry Hill, near the town centre and in Mansfield Woodhouse we are familiar with the area and a number of local tradesmen. We also extend as far South as Nottingham itself with blocks near Bakersfield.

Whether you’re a developer, freeholder or resident searching for the best property management in Mansfield or Nottinghamshire, we can help. Local knowledge and local contractors guarantee an efficient response to any query or issue.

Our work in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire has provided PPM with a wide range of developments to look after. Our knowledge of the local area enables us to be proactive with our approach to property management. Security and presentation of the apartments and estates is important along with good value for money. We ensure our clients in Nottinghamshire have close contact with their designated property manager, from Mansfield for quick, effective responses to any problem.

What to Expect

PPM can provide a wide range of services that meet your requirements for your development, whether that be apartments in Mansfield, an estate in Woodhouse or open spaces. We will provide regular communication and ever improving services. These could include:

  • Service charge budgets and collection
  • Service charge accounts
  • Insurances and claims management
  • Regular site visits
  • Instructing and managing contractors
  • Statutory tests and regulatory compliance
  • Regular meetings
  • Project management

Communication is the key to good property management, and you will be able to talk to us on the phone, via email or when we are on site.

If you’d like to discuss property management in Nottinghamshire, contact us here or call 01226 770088 to talk to one of our team.

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