Why Choose Premier Property Management?

PPM are experienced property professionals specialising in property management and we have helped many of our clients change managing agents. As a specialist company we have excellent records of customer-retention and have grown largely on the basis of word-of-mouth recommendations from exceptionally satisfied customers.

PPM have structures, systems and procedures which meet, and indeed exceed, all requirements of industry regulators, membership best practices, and statutory obligations to ensure a first-rate service is delivered consistently alongside complete compliance with legislation and management codes, fully mitigating client liabilities. We understand that every client has specific needs and how important clear and effective communication is to ensure that the service we deliver consistently hits the mark.

We provide a bespoke service to each client. Our management is both professional and personal, operating with a friendly, transparent approach to management that you can rely on. We ensure that response times are kept at an industry-leading standard whether contact is made online, by email, phone or in person as we believe that clear and effective communication is essential to keeping the customer happy and informed.

Here at PPM, we truly offer an unbeatable management package. We have professionals that deliver a quality service, ensuring developments are maintained to a high standard with careful financial management and clear communication. Should you be interested in our services, or would simply like some advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How to Change Managing Agents

We have helped numerous Clients change managing agents and with the handover experience as a whole, ranging from a simple handover to the most awkward situations. If you’re thinking of making a switch, the first step would be to talk to us for some informal advice.

Once we have an understanding of the legalities surrounding your development, we can then advise on the most efficient way to pursue a change of Managing Agent. Sometimes you have the power to effect change easily and sometimes it requires a more intricate process.

If you are part of a tri-partite lease (a lease with three parties: the freeholder, the management company and the leaseholder) then the directors of your Resident’s Management Company (RMC) usually have the power to appoint a new agent. Should this be the case you can propose a change of agents to the current board of Directors of the RMC or become appointed as a Director and implement the change yourself.

Should you have a bi-partite lease (a lease with two named parties: usually the freeholder and each leaseholder) then the freeholder has the power to instruct a managing agent. The most efficient transition process in this case would to request that the freeholder changes to an agent of your choosing. However, for several reasons this isn’t always possible, and you may be left to pursue a change through the following options.

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Making a tribunal application for appointment of manager
Make a Right to Manage Claim
Buy the freehold under collective enfranchisement

PPM have excellent relationships with many developers and freeholders. We are always pleased to assist in a change with minimal problems to ensure a stress-free handover for all parties.

We can assist and guide you through any of the aforementioned processes or put you in touch with specialist professionals.