At Premier Property Management and Maintenance, we pride ourselves on being a leading choice for property management services, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and retention. Our team of skilled and dedicated property professionals specialize in property management and have successfully assisted numerous clients in changing managing agents.

Our commitment to providing a tailored service to each client sets us apart from other managing agents. We combine professionalism with a personal touch, offering transparent, friendly, and reliable management solutions. PPM’s approach to communication ensures industry-leading response times across all channels; online, email, phone, or in-person, maintaining clear and effective communication is a cornerstone of our client-focused philosophy.

We have developed systems, structures, and procedures that not only meet, but surpass industry regulators’ requirements, membership best practices, and statutory obligations. By adhering to these standards, we consistently deliver exceptional service while maintaining compliance with legislation and management codes, effectively mitigating client liabilities.

Our expertise extends to the careful financial management and maintenance of developments to the highest standards. If you’re interested in our services or simply seeking advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Switching Managing Agents with Ease

We have a wealth of experience in assisting clients with changing managing agents, navigating handovers of all complexities. If you’re considering a switch, your first step is to discuss your situation with us for informal advice.

Once we understand your development’s legal framework, we can advise on the most efficient way to change your managing agent. Depending on your circumstances, the process may be simple but occasionally can be quite involved.

For those with a tri-partite lease (involving the Freeholder, the Management Company, and the Leaseholder), the directors of your Resident’s Management Company (RMC) typically have the authority to appoint a new agent. In this case, you can propose a change of agents to the current board of directors of the RMC or become appointed as a director to implement the change yourself.

For bi-partite leases (with the Freeholder and Leaseholder as the named parties), the freeholder has the power to appoint a managing agent. In such situations, the most efficient course of action is to request the freeholder to switch to an agent of your choosing. However, if this isn’t feasible, alternative options may be available which we are more than happy to guide you through. You can find out more about these options here:

PPM already has an excellent relationship with many developers and freeholders and are happy to assist with a smooth, stress-free handover, offer advice and guidance or put you in touch with specialist professionals where necessary.