PPM took over the property management responsibilities of Bickerton House Sheffield in August 2016, a relatively small development of 22 apartments in Sheffield, which quickly became one of the more interesting developments in our portfolio.

Shortly after PPM’s takeover, it became apparent that the 10-year-old building had never been signed off by building control, something we were advised was due to a failed sound test carried out during development. Upon identifying this, PPM immediately initiated the consultation procedure under S.20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 and set about rectifying the areas falling foul of the regulations, as without a completion certificate from building control, some residents’ homes were virtually unsaleable.

To bring the development in line with current standards, vast renovation works had to be carried out including; the standard Velux windows had to be replaced, with a smoke ventilation system installed at the top of each stairwell with opening controls at the ground floor entrance doorway, emergency lighting had to be fitted throughout the development, a fire detection system required installing and all apartments had to be sound tested.

Despite the amount of works required, within a matter of months, the building was signed off by building control and the apartment owners no longer had the burden of owning an apartment which was potentially unsaleable.