Premier Property Management & Maintenance Limited (PPM) are dedicated experts in the management of residential apartment blocks, with a strong presence in the heart of Yorkshire. We have an ever-growing portfolio of over 130 developments and approximately 3,500 units under our care, and we focus on delivering a customisable and exceptional property management experience.

We believe every client is different and we approach each development with a unique plan. Our aim is to understand and address each client’s distinctive needs. Flexibility and attentiveness are crucial for PPM to craft a management service that truly meets the requirements of our diverse clientele, from Resident Management Companies, Right to Manage Companies, prominent Developers, and Freeholders.

Communication really is the key to success, we prioritise open, transparent dialogue to ensure we fully understand our clients’ expectations and can deliver a service that consistently meets and exceeds their demands.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our adherence to industry regulations, best practices, and statutory obligations. Our team work hard to ensure we surpass the standards, providing unparalleled service while ensuring full compliance with relevant legislation and management codes.

The Property Managers all showcase our friendly, approachable nature over the phone and in person. We emphasise the importance of regular site inspections to identify and resolve potential issues proactively, ultimately minimising the need for costly and extensive repairs.

When you choose Premier Property Management & Maintenance Limited, you are choosing a partner who is dedicated to providing a tailored, professional, and responsive property management experience that adapts to your unique needs and preferences. Let us help you create thriving communities and enhance the value of your properties.