PPM manages a variety of sites across many areas in South Yorkshire and beyond. Our experience with such a range of properties gives us the skills and knowledge to offer tailored property management in Sheffield to many clients.

In Sheffield, we currently manage Brewery Wharf, Horizon, the Woodlands Estate and many more. We cater to block management in Sheffield as well as open space and estate management and already have retirement development management in place across the city.

If you’re a developer, freeholder or resident looking for property management in Sheffield get in touch for a bespoke, personal service.

Our Work in Sheffield

Wherever we manage apartments or estates we try to get to know the area. Many of our team are from Sheffield or close by and have firsthand knowledge of the local community. We’re never too far away and have reliable, local contractors working in Sheffield daily.

We pride ourselves on efficient repairs and maintenance and good communication. Our local knowledge and contacts help make this happen and we’re always working on a better service.

What to Expect

We provide the service that works for our clients. This can differ from one development to another, but working closely with your designated property manager will ensure you benefit from the best PPM has to offer, we can provide:

  • Service charge budgets and collection
  • Service charge accounts
  • Insurances and claims management
  • Regular site visits
  • Instructing and managing contractors
  • Statutory tests and regulatory compliance
  • Regular meetings

We feel communication is the key to good property management and you will be able to talk to us on the phone, via email or when we are on site.

If you’d like to discuss property management in Sheffield, contact us here or call 01226 770088 to talk to one of our team.

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