Many prominent voices within the industry have joined as one to urge the government to assist with the remedial works required to the unsafe buildings up and down the country. Since the Grenfell disaster, widespread fire-safety failings have been discovered within many high-rise blocks of apartments, often with the leaseholders being left liable to foot the costs to ensure their building is safe.

If the works cannot be carried out under warranty or by the developer, then it falls to flat owners to pay. Understandably, many leaseholders simply cannot afford to pay the costs associated with the required remedial works and the questions are being asked; Why was the building signed off in the first place? Why were the materials used ever certified? Shouldn’t the responsibility lie with the developer when the building has simply been built wrong?

Consequently, the government is being urged to lend a hand and step in as a funder of last resort, to help make homes safe for people without the capability to do it themselves.

The open letter to the Chancellor is below:

The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP

Chancellor of the Exchequer

HM Treasury

1 Horse Guards Rd


London SW1A 2HQ

 23 February 2020

 Dear Chancellor of the Exchequer,

We the undersigned represent homeowners, property managers and building owners across the United Kingdom.

The Grenfell tragedy has uncovered one of the biggest safety crises in recent British history. Two and a half years on, people are still living in apartment buildings with dangerous cladding. Building safety policy, dating back decades and overseen by governments of all political colours, has failed in its totality.

Building owners and property managers are stepping in to fix these buildings and ensure the safety of residents. But, where the costs are not recoverable from the original developer, or through an insurance claim, the burden is falling on those who live in these buildings. Why should homeowners pay the price for such a systemic failure?

The Government deserves credit for funding Grenfell-style ACM cladding remediation, but the problem is much wider than this and that funding doesn’t go far enough. The list of unsafe materials and hidden safety defects that were never identified when these buildings were signed off, is growing by the day.

This new government now has a golden opportunity to right the wrongs of the past and rescue the hundreds of thousands of worried and vulnerable residents across the country.

On behalf of homeowners, building owners, and property managers, we are urgently calling the Government to establish a multibillion-pound emergency fund and work with industry to unblock the process and ensure the safety of residents up and down the country for generations to come.


Property managers

Fexco Property Services

FirstPort Property Management Services

HML Group

Mainstay Group

Premier Estates

Rendall and Rittner

Residential Management Group

Scanlans Property Management

SDL Property Management

Trinity Estates

 Resident groups and professional/trade bodies

Association of Residential Managing Agents

British Property Federation (BPF)

Federation of Private Residents Association (FoPRA)

Institute of Residential Property Management

Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

UK Cladding Action Group (UKCAG)

 Freeholders and building owners

Consensus Business Group

Estates & Management

HomeGround Management

Long Harbour

Simarc Property Management

Wallace Partnership Group